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In December 2004, Korea manufactuer - KMTEL Co., Ltd authorizes Acumen as their Sole Distributor of Smart Pointer (Wireless Laser Pointer with Two-Button Optical Mouse Function). The factory has the very strong power to develop & design the wireless hi-tech products.


Smart Pointer









-Wireless Laser Pointer with two-button optical mouse function - Excellent helper for your presentation!!!

This hi-tech wireless product is really an excellent partner of your presentation . It is not only the laser pointer, but also the wireless remote controller. It is simple and convenient to use. With this Wireless Smart Pointer, the users just remote control the up and down pages of their presentation freely. They no need to return back to the keyboard to press up and down pages or mouse buttons or request an assistant to move to the next or previous pages. It really makes the presenters concentrate and control their presentation efficiently. It is absolutely your best choice --- Save your valuable time!!

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In 2004, Acumen announces to be the authorized sales agent of "Dadammicro" who is the famous electronic manufacturer in Korea.


Green OK

Wireless Thermo-Hygro Monitor measures and transmits the temperature and humidity data by wireless technology.

By using wireless sensing unit, you can install them any necessary place within 200M radius and also can replace later on very easyly. In case of over-temperature or under-temperature conditions occur, alarm sound and indicator notifies you the situation to recover from abnormal condition.

GreenOK can be applicable as below.

- Green House
- Musium, Library
- Warehouse for fresh food
- Any Temperature and Humidity controls goods
- Building and Home

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